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Every adventure is worth its discomfort
Gentlemen’s Wisdon
The best questions are the ones that only you can answer
Gentlemen’s Wisdom
If you have a passion for something, it should either be your profession or your hobby. Never lose a dream.
Gentlemen’s Wisdom
The world isn’t a place for pacifist.
Gentlemen’s Wisdom
A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.
Tim Cahill
Sometimes sacrifice leads to nothing. Sometimes it leads to everything. Not knowing what your sacrifice will lead to is what keeps life interesting.
Gentleman’s Wisdom
If you love what you do, then you are very close to being a perfectly happy man. If it can pay the bills, even better.
Arthur Keller
Assume you’ll succeed at everything you do. Of course that’s not true. But you’ll never achieve an extraordinary life without a little false hope.
Gentlemen’s Wisdom
30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years


That’s right, I turned 30 last week.  Not quite sure how I feel about it just yet.  I guess conflicted.  We rented an amazing house (Lakey Peterson’s surf fans) in Montecito for the weekend and went wine tasting around Santa Barbara.  Even got a private tasting at Saarloos & Sons.  At the end of the weekend, I stayed up after everyone had gone to bed.  I poured a glass of 17-year-old McCallan, played some music, and wrote down the 30 best lessons I’ve learned in my 30 years.


1. Take risk. Big audacious risk. You’ll never get what you want in life without it.

2. You are whatever you say you are. Just say it with confidence.

3. Take care of your body. It’s the most important thing you’ll get for free.

4. Learn to love someone more than yourself. You’ll never be complete without it.

5.  A good dog will give you more happiness than you deserve.

6. Have exactly one vice. Two is too much.  None makes you boring.

7. Drink cocktails. Beer is for uncreative people.

8. You’re going to go through tough times. The key is to remember it in a positive light.

9. Your time is the most precious thing you own.  Make it count.

10. Be productive, not cheap. Stop dicking around trying to figure stuff out that someone else already knows.

11. Cleave from your family but then come back. You need to be independent and loyal at the same time.

12. Work friends are just that, work friends. Nothing more.

13. Choose a life you want and then create the things you need around it. A girl, a job, a friend, all of those should help you achieve the life you want. If it doesn’t, get rid of it.

14. You’ll wake up one day and be ready for marriage. Don’t marry someone unless you’re ready.

15. If a buddy calls and needs to get a drink, you always go. No matter the hour, how busy you are, or what else you have going on.

16. Birthdays, Anniversaries, New Years are all special. Always leave a year better than you started it.

17. Everything you learn in college could be learned in a half the time and for the price of a library card.  College is about growing up, not education.

18. Always be doing something creative. Your soul won’t survive without it.

19. Happiness is only a matter of perspective. Nothing more.

20. Don’t be afraid to be alone. Don’t be afraid to be committed. Fear is the most limiting quality a person has.

21. Keep a journal to record the lessons you learn in life. You’ll make less of the same mistakes.

22. Make art a part of your life. It helps you pull your head out of your ass.

23. You’re never too old to make a friend. Always be looking for a new one.

24. Find someone to share your life with. You won’t be fulfilled without them.

25. Play the average but don’t forget about the outliers. Taking a chance on something unique might be the most rewarding thing you ever do.

26. Spend less, a lot less, than you make. Stay liquid. Never invest in anything you can’t sell in 30 days.

27. Influence is more powerful than money. The reason millionaires are depressed is that they don’t know the difference.

28. Take more moments to be reflective. You’ll get more out of life.

29. The definition of a man is and should be an evolving target. Never stop working on yourself. Always strive to be better.

30. A journal, scotch, and a little music will give you more deep thoughts than you want.


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Make art a part of your life. It helps you pull your head out of your ass.
Gentleman’s Wisdom
A man becomes old when his mind is more occupied by memories than by aspirations.
Think about what you would do in retirement. Travel through Europe. Learn to sail. Create a painting. Now think about when you’d be most able to enjoy it. Retirement should be spread evenly throughout your life. Not held until the end.
Gentlemen’s Wisdom
You can always make back money. But you’ll never make back time.
Gentlemen’s Wisdom
When you run, make sure you run to something and not away from.
The Avett Brothers

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